Ruta Vertical Rafting - Synonymous with the best Rafting experience in Cajón del Maipo.

Come to live an unforgettable experience in Cajón del Maipo, surrounded by a unique natural environment and in the company of a human team that will make you feel always welcome and safe. That is our stamp.


The Maipo river is undoubtedly one of the best rivers in Chile for the practice of White Water Rafting.
In Rafting Ruta Vertical we offer also other incredible adventures to enjoy and make the most of your visit to Cajón del Maipo.

Rafting Cajón del Maipo


Rafting is an activity that mixes adrenaline, fun and incredible landscapes. The perfect ingredients to enjoy Rafting, by far the favorite activity of those who visit Cajón del  Maipo.
Join us on a journey through the great Maipo river!



Different tours, on horseback or on foot, that will allow you to discover some of the best landscapes that Cajón del Maipo has to offer.
Combine them with rafting and you will enjoy an unforgettable full day tour!


Combine our different activities and enjoy convienent discounts and full day tours. 
Come and see our promotions for birthdays and add barbecue areas or swimming pool for your activities.

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